Hattitude and a Happy New Year!

Losing my hair wasn’t at all what I expected. After the first chemo treatment I was watching for it to fall out, not knowing whether I’d wake up to find it all on my pillow or whether it would just start to thin and slowly disappear. Neither!  I’ve never been able to ‘leave well enough... Continue Reading →

What’s in a Name

As a 'Blogging 101' student, I've been asked to reconsider the title of my blog, along with my tagline. The tagline is coming into focus as I write, and I'm hopeful it will be clear enough for me to see it by the end of this post. I thought long and hard about my title, and... Continue Reading →

What’s Wrong with This Picture?

Sometimes we have to unlearn something in order to have a more enjoyable experience. Waking up this morning, looking up through the skylight, I noticed (again) a small area where the painter hadn’t cleaned off a missed brushstroke. The thoughts began to arise (again)….not being careful, not paying attention, not caring…..and carried me along a... Continue Reading →

So It Begins Now

“I don’t have time.” “Of course you don’t. No one has time. Time isn’t something you can have. Time is just where you are.” Events conspired last night to bring me here, where I sit and actually withdraw thoughts out of my mind and deposit them on the page. In truth, I would rather think... Continue Reading →

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