A Good Girl

Some will think this story extremely bizarre, and I’m right with you on that. Some will find this story describes an ongoing struggle they’ve lived with for years, and I’m right with you on that, too. In preparation for moving from a very large house to a very small one, I’ve been cleaning out drawers,... Continue Reading →

Lessons from a Twenty Minute Fire

I’ve just come from the hearth in my living room, where I thoroughly enjoyed a brief and beautiful fire. It would have been as lovely if I’d stayed only ten minutes, or I could also still be sitting there as the flames dwindle and coals gleam.  I don’t often sit by the fireside, because when... Continue Reading →

So It Begins Now

“I don’t have time.” “Of course you don’t. No one has time. Time isn’t something you can have. Time is just where you are.” Events conspired last night to bring me here, where I sit and actually withdraw thoughts out of my mind and deposit them on the page. In truth, I would rather think... Continue Reading →

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