See More Sycamore

I was driving out my country road the other day, appreciating the beauty of the grand sycamores, my absolute favorites. They are among the most majestic of trees, easily distinguished by their bark, which flakes off in patches, leaving white, gray, and brown surfaces on the trunks. You’ll most often see them along stream banks,... Continue Reading →

Applied Cognitive Dissonance Theory

When I was only four years old, a psychologist by the name of Leon Festinger published a book he titled A Theory of Cognitive Dissonance.  His work in cognitive dissonance was observational and explanatory of human behaviors. He had no idea I would later find his theory so useful, nor did he predict I would... Continue Reading →

What’s Wrong with This Picture?

Sometimes we have to unlearn something in order to have a more enjoyable experience. Waking up this morning, looking up through the skylight, I noticed (again) a small area where the painter hadn’t cleaned off a missed brushstroke. The thoughts began to arise (again)….not being careful, not paying attention, not caring…..and carried me along a... Continue Reading →

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