I Don’t Have the Worst Thing!

Yesterday morning I was to start my fourth chemo treatment. Instead, here I sit, on the 4th floor of the hospital, at 4 am, trying to type with an oxygen monitor taped to my finger. They evidently sort patients by their zodiac sign here, and I’m born on July 20, my sign is Cancer, so... Continue Reading →

A Story of The More Beautiful World Our Hearts Know is Possible

Some of you may not know of Charles Eisenstein. I am grateful to tell you that I know him. I spent a long weekend with him, his dear wife, and 28 other strangers-at-the-time on retreat near Asheville last summer, exploring the Space Between Stories. That is where we all live now, you and I, as individuals... Continue Reading →

A Day Off

Today is my first ‘day off’ in over a month! I haven’t got a single appointment and no one is coming here to take my blood pressure or ask me my pain level. It feels wonderful! The last week was so full of people and procedures and questions, and a few answers. My short-term memory... Continue Reading →

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