Bad News & Good News – Not in Equal Measure

  My third chemo treatment was on Tuesday, and it’s taken a day for all the news to settle in. My doctor reviewed the results of last Friday’s PET scan with me – the first scan since ten rounds of radiation and two rounds of chemotherapy – scheduled to determine whether any of the treatments... Continue Reading →

To what can I attribute this miraculous day?

We arrived at my first chemo appointment at 7:45 am, and left at 4:45 pm. Long day, with a 45-minute drive added to each end. My SiStar, Kitty, dedicated her day to keeping me company, and comfortable. She watched over me like an angel hawk. I know she is exhausted tonight, as I know it's... Continue Reading →

REALLY Going Home!

After several failed promises, the Powers That Be are moving toward releasing me this afternoon. Orders have been written, departments have been contacted, and paperwork is in motion. I’ve been given a cart to load. This could be it! Jeanne and I are making a list of people – I’ll write thank you notes when... Continue Reading →

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