Seeing the Light at the End of the Tunnel

On March 21, three days after my last journal entry, I came home from the hospital. Turns out I had no lung infection – just damage from radiation and chemo. Prednisone (a strong steroid) is the medicine that keeps the inflammation down and keeps me breathing. Unfortunately, it has bad side effects if used for... Continue Reading →

“They say it’s always darkest just before…..”

With my fifth chemo treatment scheduled for March 14th, I figured I’d update this journal that evening and also report on the results of the CT scans I had done on the 7th. First, the CT results; they scanned chest, abdomen, and pelvis. There is no sign of lymphoma anywhere.  My status changed from “mostly gone” to... Continue Reading →

What a difference a HAT makes!

When I first learned that I had cancer, one of my earliest thoughts, believe it or not, was “I wonder if Justine will make me a hat when I lose my hair….” When I first shared my diagnosis, my sweet friend Justine Dennis responded, “What kind of hat do you want?”  Many of you know Justine,... Continue Reading →

Thanksgiving Never Ends

The holiday weekend is over, and I'm still so grateful. Since I don’t watch television I’m blissfully unaware of the death tolls surrounding Black Friday.  I saved much money by refraining from shopping. Instead, I stayed home and thoroughly enjoyed my kids for several days. I got such an infusion of all that I have... Continue Reading →

Picture the Machine

For some reason, I couldn't get this to upload earlier. It's a picture of 'Me in the Machine'. It's really an amazing beast, but somehow kind and quiet. I like feeling small and sheltered within it....sort of like being near the ocean. I'm not aware of being raised or lowered. There's no sensation of movement.... Continue Reading →

A Day Off

Today is my first ‘day off’ in over a month! I haven’t got a single appointment and no one is coming here to take my blood pressure or ask me my pain level. It feels wonderful! The last week was so full of people and procedures and questions, and a few answers. My short-term memory... Continue Reading →

Monday, Monday

I think I may have said something in the last couple weeks about how having to wait was teaching me patience. I didn’t recognize, until today, that I was congratulating myself on having learned to be patient. And one of the things I know, but often forget, is that it’s easy to congratulate myself prematurely.... Continue Reading →

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