I Don’t Have the Worst Thing!

Yesterday morning I was to start my fourth chemo treatment. Instead, here I sit, on the 4th floor of the hospital, at 4 am, trying to type with an oxygen monitor taped to my finger. They evidently sort patients by their zodiac sign here, and I’m born on July 20, my sign is Cancer, so... Continue Reading →

Bad News & Good News – Not in Equal Measure

  My third chemo treatment was on Tuesday, and it’s taken a day for all the news to settle in. My doctor reviewed the results of last Friday’s PET scan with me – the first scan since ten rounds of radiation and two rounds of chemotherapy – scheduled to determine whether any of the treatments... Continue Reading →

Hattitude and a Happy New Year!

Losing my hair wasn’t at all what I expected. After the first chemo treatment I was watching for it to fall out, not knowing whether I’d wake up to find it all on my pillow or whether it would just start to thin and slowly disappear. Neither!  I’ve never been able to ‘leave well enough... Continue Reading →

What a difference a HAT makes!

When I first learned that I had cancer, one of my earliest thoughts, believe it or not, was “I wonder if Justine will make me a hat when I lose my hair….” When I first shared my diagnosis, my sweet friend Justine Dennis responded, “What kind of hat do you want?”  Many of you know Justine,... Continue Reading →

Thanksgiving Never Ends

The holiday weekend is over, and I'm still so grateful. Since I don’t watch television I’m blissfully unaware of the death tolls surrounding Black Friday.  I saved much money by refraining from shopping. Instead, I stayed home and thoroughly enjoyed my kids for several days. I got such an infusion of all that I have... Continue Reading →

Picture the Machine

For some reason, I couldn't get this to upload earlier. It's a picture of 'Me in the Machine'. It's really an amazing beast, but somehow kind and quiet. I like feeling small and sheltered within it....sort of like being near the ocean. I'm not aware of being raised or lowered. There's no sensation of movement.... Continue Reading →

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