One – Among countless others, possibly yourself, or some parts of yourself.

Eccentric – Off Center – Permanently, Irrevocably, and hopefully, with Increasing Joy

Contemplative – Expressing or Involving prolonged thought, and hopefully discovering this is not an either-or proposition. AND –

“Contemplation is a sudden gift of awareness, an awakening to the Real within all that is real. A vivid awareness of infinite Being at the roots of our own limited being.”

– Thomas Merton

The blog title that came first to mind was ‘Out of My Mind’, which was what I hoped to achieve via the blog, in order to make room for other things. That one’s been used so many times for so many other reasons I decided not to stretch it further.

Primary Topic – What I’m learning, and learning and learning….I’m figuring out that I don’t know what I think I know…

Guiding Principles

  • “You never know what you’re going to learn.” – Wendell Berry
  • “Everything happens for a reason I make up.” – Andrew Boyd (AKA Brother Void)
  • “If you’re going to tell people the truth, you’d better make them laugh or they’ll kill you.” – Oscar Wilde

Me – what I’m about

Recently retired from a long succession of careers, including Probation and Parole Officer, Custom Furniture Maker, Main Street Manager, Art Festival Organizer, Info Technology Coordinator, Web Master, and Consultant in Technology and The Arts. Sounds like Multiple Personality Disorder, but it’s been fun. Really.

I love to share my philosophy and beliefs with like-minded individuals – and sometimes with those who would consider me insane. I believe in the Guiding Principles listed above. I believe that “we are all one”. I believe there is no such thing as “supernatural”, only “natural”. Just because we don’t understand it (yet) doesn’t make it outside the realm of nature. And I believe I’m always telling the truth, but not the whole truth. My purpose, in life and in blog, is to connect.

See y’all,

Marcel LaRose

PS – I close my posts this way because I believe that I do see you. You are welcome to sit on this bench with me.

I loved finding this 'skewed' bench in the woods at Furnace Mountain, a Zen retreat center. It reminds me we all have our own leanings.
I loved finding this ‘skewed’ bench in the woods at Furnace Mountain, a Zen retreat center. It reminds me we all have our own leanings.

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  1. I do like your blog theme, the title and tagline are great. Lovely intro, I enjoyed it and it sounds as though your character shines through. I’m also discovering I don’t know what I think I know!


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