The End of My Dance With Cancer

My oncologist came into the exam room this morning saying, “Since we talked last week,”
and I said, “You’re feeling much better?”
“Smartass,” he said. “I still can’t get my mind around the fact you planned to leave town this week, and be gone for two months, and it’s all working out!”
“All my lights are green,” I said.

The MRI report basically said the same thing I told him last week – damage from chemo / radiation that will clear up. I got a couple nice hugs, he told me to be careful, I told him to be careful, and not to worry, and promised to visit his favorite restaurant in Charleston,
where he went to medical school.

I’ll make one more entry in this journal next week, to formally thank all those who have sent prayers, love, healing thoughts, white light, energy, and more. I want to to share my ‘angel collage’, but right now I’m packing the car.

I’ve migrated all my CaringBridge journal posts over to my blog, where I will continue to write, but not about my health. Next week I’ll share the address, in case anyone wants to keep reading.

This has been an amazing time, and I continue to count myself among the luckiest of people on the planet. Thank you for your support.



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