“O frabjous day! Callooh! Callay!” and “In Praise of Talismans”

Having so many frabjous days lately, I’m literally chortling in my joy, and my sister can attest to this. Joy with laughter, and joy with tears. Nothing much makes one appreciate a simple breath more than a difficult one. And nothing much makes a simple breath fully present than not knowing whether all the rest... Continue Reading →

“There’s No Place Like Home”, and “What the Hell Just Happened??”

Got home on Saturday after nine days in the hospital and am so grateful for my little place on Guist Creek Lake. There’s no place more healing and peaceful than being near water, and I came home to a warm afternoon of quiet lake under soft gray skies. My sister, Jeanne, came back from Denver... Continue Reading →

I Don’t Have the Worst Thing!

Yesterday morning I was to start my fourth chemo treatment. Instead, here I sit, on the 4th floor of the hospital, at 4 am, trying to type with an oxygen monitor taped to my finger. They evidently sort patients by their zodiac sign here, and I’m born on July 20, my sign is Cancer, so... Continue Reading →

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