Friday, Already!

This week went by so fast! I did have a PET scan yesterday, but won’t know the results for a few more days. I did have my first radiation treatment this morning, so I got to lie still in my ‘cradle’ for about half an hour. It was just as cozy as I remembered, and I know that it helped me to be still. I was supposed to be at a three-day meditation retreat, beginning today, so I pretended I was there instead of at the radiation center. I’ll have nine more treatments – one per day except weekends, Thanksgiving, and the day after. So November 28th is my last treatment.

The ‘challenge-du-jour’ is a disagreement between my doctor and my health insurance company about whether I may have any more pain medication when my prescriptions run out at the end of today. Several people who are in favor of me receiving medication are working on my behalf, and several others are working to maintain the profit margin of the insurance company by denying me medication. I’m not going to tell any of them my secret. (In a pinch, and when consumed in sufficient quantities, pineapple vodka is an effective analgesic. I may have to go through a case of it by the time my advocates and opponents reach a settlement on the matter. But when the going gets tough, the weird turn pro.)

We had an election in this country the other day, and I voted. I’m trying to pretend I haven’t yet heard the results. I may have been under the influence of narcotics at the time. Or now.


PS – Thank you all for your love and concern. It carries me through every day.

Published on — November 11, 2016


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