Monday, Monday

I think I may have said something in the last couple weeks about how having to wait was teaching me patience. I didn’t recognize, until today, that I was congratulating myself on having learned to be patient. And one of the things I know, but often forget, is that it’s easy to congratulate myself prematurely. That’s the universe’s clue to send more circumstances to help me learn that particular lesson.

I did get to meet with Dr. Eckman (Radiation Oncologist) this morning, but quickly learned there wouldn’t be any radiation treatments this week. It will take the rest of the week to set the stage – a CT today for planning and mapping, a consult with the Radiation Oncologist at UK, the approval of my insurance company (I can already see a new opportunity approaching…), and a PET scan later this week.

At first I was disappointed at the prospect of having another week ‘just like last week’. Then I realized the only thing that would make it so would be my choice; that I can make a different choice. So I’m planning a good week, at a very slow pace, with much gratitude and enough naps. I have exercises to do, so I’ll build up my strength before radiation and chemo (and now I’ll be a whole week stronger than I would have been….)

Dr. Eckman shared two bits of good news from reports he’d received. One is that the bone marrow biopsy revealed there are no additional tumors. Yay! The other is that the sub-type of my Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma (NHL –wouldn’t you think they’d have a less sporty moniker for this condition?) is “Germinal Center B-cell-like”, or GBC. According to some studies, treatment outcomes for patients who appear to have the GBC type were significantly better than treatment outcomes for patients who have the ABC type. I don’t pretend to know what all of that means, but I sure understand the ‘treatment outcomes….significantly better’ part.

A fun part of the CT-scan today was getting fitted for a ‘cradle’. The CT Techs also called it a ‘cocoon’. When I was positioned perfectly on the CT table, laying on what appeared to be a flat piece of fabric, the Techs inflated the fabric and positioned it all around me so that it held me in place. They’ll save it for my treatments, and it will hold me securely, but not too tight. I felt snug as a bug in a rug, and it’s been a long time since I’ve felt that way.  I look forward to lying in my cradle again soon. 🙂


Published on — November 7, 2016


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