Thanksgiving Never Ends

The holiday weekend is over, and I'm still so grateful. Since I don’t watch television I’m blissfully unaware of the death tolls surrounding Black Friday.  I saved much money by refraining from shopping. Instead, I stayed home and thoroughly enjoyed my kids for several days. I got such an infusion of all that I have... Continue Reading →

Picture the Machine

For some reason, I couldn't get this to upload earlier. It's a picture of 'Me in the Machine'. It's really an amazing beast, but somehow kind and quiet. I like feeling small and sheltered within it....sort of like being near the ocean. I'm not aware of being raised or lowered. There's no sensation of movement.... Continue Reading →

A Day Off

Today is my first ‘day off’ in over a month! I haven’t got a single appointment and no one is coming here to take my blood pressure or ask me my pain level. It feels wonderful! The last week was so full of people and procedures and questions, and a few answers. My short-term memory... Continue Reading →

Friday, Already!

This week went by so fast! I did have a PET scan yesterday, but won’t know the results for a few more days. I did have my first radiation treatment this morning, so I got to lie still in my ‘cradle’ for about half an hour. It was just as cozy as I remembered, and... Continue Reading →

Monday, Monday

I think I may have said something in the last couple weeks about how having to wait was teaching me patience. I didn’t recognize, until today, that I was congratulating myself on having learned to be patient. And one of the things I know, but often forget, is that it’s easy to congratulate myself prematurely.... Continue Reading →

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