Wouldn’t Single-Payer Health Insurance be Grand??!!

I’ve been so happy to be home! Laurel flew down for the weekend and we (Laurel, Catherine, Jeanne, and I) had a great pajama party. I’ve been walking all around the place and looking forward to getting started on treatment.

I conveniently forgot that UK is not in my ‘health care network’, (I knew this before I arrived there, but was determined to get out-of-network coverage, and it appears that I was successful for the hospitalization and surgery portion of my journey. Now that it’s time for treatment, my good fortune has run out. I need to switch to Baptist Health for all treatment and further diagnostics – start with a team of people I’ve not met, and say goodbye to all the folks I’ve come to trust with my care. Sad.

So, I didn’t start radiation treatment today, and will spend most of tomorrow on the phone trying to untangle the system and determine how I will proceed.

I want you to know that I am unable to respond to any of your comments here on Caring Bridge. I read them all, and want to hit ‘reply’, but all I can do his click on a heart. Otherwise I would tell you how much I appreciate your care and concern.

I’ll close there, rather than start a rant about health insurance.

Published in CaringBridge.org – October 31, 2016


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