REALLY Going Home!

After several failed promises, the Powers That Be are moving toward releasing me this afternoon. Orders have been written, departments have been contacted, and paperwork is in motion. I’ve been given a cart to load. This could be it!

Jeanne and I are making a list of people – I’ll write thank you notes when I get home – from housekeeping to attending physicians, I’ve been cared for by angels. I hope to never forget their faces.

What’s next? We have a Radiation Plan. I have Tattoos (not the designs of my choosing, but it’s a start). Next week I’ll have a radiation treatment to my upper back every day. It may end up relieving the pain there. It may end up causing some more. 🙂 It may take care of the tumor there, or at least reduce the size (and chemo will follow). I may need some cement in one of my vertebra (T7). (Not exposed aggregate, but something less coarse…)

I’ll have chemo, but not until after my leg has completely healed from the surgery – perhaps another two weeks. My leg is getting stronger by the day, and it feels wonderful just to walk. I get free parking for radiation and chemo. I’m lucky that way.

Thank you all for your love and concern. I have truly felt as though I were floating all week – lifted by Love and good wishes. Cared for and surrounded by healing energy. All coming from you.

My big sister is here to help me, and I’m so grateful she can be here with me. We both believe that laughter and gratitude are huge factors in healing, and in living.

Much love,

Image – My Big Sister and Me (circa 1955)

Published on — October 28, 2016


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