Wouldn’t Single-Payer Health Insurance be Grand??!!

I've been so happy to be home! Laurel flew down for the weekend and we (Laurel, Catherine, Jeanne, and I) had a great pajama party. I've been walking all around the place and looking forward to getting started on treatment. I conveniently forgot that UK is not in my 'health care network', (I knew this... Continue Reading →

REALLY Going Home!

After several failed promises, the Powers That Be are moving toward releasing me this afternoon. Orders have been written, departments have been contacted, and paperwork is in motion. I’ve been given a cart to load. This could be it! Jeanne and I are making a list of people – I’ll write thank you notes when... Continue Reading →

Prizes – Show Her What She’s Won!

Today has been a nearly constant parade of new faces, new terminology, and new news. You’ll be delighted, as was I, to learn that I do not have prostate cancer.  I understand it can be quite unpleasant, so I’m much relieved.  Although we still do not have the final, final pathology report, the process has moved along... Continue Reading →

Still Here

I had hoped to see my pathology report today, meet a pile of oncologists, and head for home. Twas not to be. There's a process of elimination going on, and so far the pathologist has only been able to absolutely rule out one cell type. Melanoma. I have long thought that a likely cancer to... Continue Reading →

This Here Hospital

I sure wouldn't want to leave UK Med Center without saying what an amazing place/people/culture this is. I arrived a week ago and I haven't met a single person who wasn't kind, compassionate, caring, and openhearted. I am very well cared for. If I had to guess how many patients were on this floor based... Continue Reading →

Going Home?

I've heard I might be going home from the hospital on Sunday or Monday. My sister, Jeanne, will come from Denver to spend a week or so with me, so I'm covered for all assistance between the time I get home and my return to see Dr. O'Donnell for surgery follow-up and to find out next... Continue Reading →

‘My Story’ on CaringBridge.com

Originally published on CaringBridge.org - a non-profit online presence that allows people to easily get updates and offer support and encouragement for family and friends in challenging health situations. Their mission is "to amplify the love, hope and compassion in the world, making each health journey easier".  And they do it very well. If you or... Continue Reading →

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