Ego as Igor

My ‘Blogging 101’ assignment du jour is this – “Publish a post you’d like your ideal audience member to read, and include a new-to-you element in it.” That is, speak to a specific person (whose identity you need not disclose) and add some media you’ve never put in a blog before. (Since I’m behind on assignments, I’m going to leave the media ‘too large’ until I can study how to make it smaller.) So, here we go:

Dear One,

I’ve been wanting to tell you how I came to see my ego in a way that gives rise to compassion, humor, and love. I understand that it is The Work of my ego to make me believe I am separate from you and all others. I’ve also come to understand it is part of My Work to see my ego in a kind light. It is only in the light of kindness that I can grow.

That realization brought me to personify my ego. Giving him a body and a personality helps me see him more clearly. His name is Igor, and his physical manifestation is the character Marty Feldman plays in the movie, ‘Young Frankenstein’. If you haven’t seen it, or haven’t seen it in awhile, I encourage you to enjoy an evening with this film. Here’s a little clip to introduce you……

Igor takes himself quite seriously, yet he is a humorous character and one I cannot help but love. When I can remember to be aware, viewing my ego as this character helps to highlight the role he plays.  He works with my mind in ways that are blatant or subtle, depending upon my awareness of him. He’s sharper than I usually give him credit for, and he tends to be lurking just beyond my awareness most of the time. Sometimes he speaks to me so quietly I mistake his voice for my own.

Snap judgments of others is his blatant attempt to separate me – I am immediately better or worse than someone else. His more subtle tactic is to work with my mind to create an annoyance. When I start thinking a situation should be other than it is, my mind is building a case for ‘my way’; which is, Igor thinks, superior to existing circumstance.  Seeing my ego in this way helps me to understand he is not someone to be shunned or avoided or ‘gotten rid of’; he’s just someone to keep an eye on. (Igor’s adoption of the male pronoun is not without significance, but that’s another topic entirely.)

Igor has a powerful effect on me, but as I become more aware of his presence and the tools he has at his disposal, I can more often send him away on an errand so that he’ll be out of my mind for awhile and I can just be present in the moment. I address him with respect and compassion, and I never underestimate his power. He’s had years to work freely in my mind, before I ever was aware of his existence.

If seeing him in this way is of any use to you, I encourage you to explore the relationship. There’s plenty of Igor to go around. 🙂

See You,

Marcel LaRose


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  1. I loved your idea. Not just that you found a way to take a better and closer look at the tricks our minds play but with your choice of your personification. There’s another Igor that you might really want to, if you haven’t already, consider incorporating into your Igorness. Take a look at Terry Pratchett’s Igors in his disc world novels. Igor, all of them, appear in only a few of his 26 disc world novels. That might mean you have to read them all and wouldn’t that be a shame since they are rich, hilarious, thoughtful and imaginative. Just, it would seem, like you. Or I could tell you or there’s always an internet search.

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