So It Begins Now

“I don’t have time.”

“Of course you don’t. No one has time. Time isn’t something you can have. Time is just where you are.”

Events conspired last night to bring me here, where I sit and actually withdraw thoughts out of my mind and deposit them on the page. In truth, I would rather think about everything than do anything.

Last night I met a shining woman whose blog I was recently introduced to. Her name is Kopana Terry. She is an artist, a musician, and more. Her blog is The Outhouse: Where Art Goes, and she has made a habit of bringing light to that space every day. She explained that she started the blog for herself and learned, along the way, that it touched others’ lives. I’m one of those lives.

So today’s lesson is, “If you think you know what’s good for you, turn the thought into an experience.”

It’s another way of saying, “Just Do It”, that old Nike slogan I’ve loved to hate and hated to love. If you haven’t guessed yet, I am one of those people with good intentions, a fine imagination, and a style of procrastination that verges on insanity; I am managing to postpone some actions for years. Like getting to the point, here, for instance.

The point is I have long ‘known’ that making my bed every morning is a beneficial practice that has long-term positive consequences. But I didn’t ‘know’ it, I only thought it. And so thinking, believed I knew. When I actually started making my bed every morning (and I can proudly say I have done so every single day this year) I began to know – to have the experience of positive results from this simple ritual.

So my prediction for this year is that I will experiment with experiencing the things I think I know.

See y’all.

Marcel LaRose


3 thoughts on “So It Begins Now

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  1. Time is the most fair-minded metric that exists. Each of us, man, woman, ethnic cache, physical or mental resources gets 24 hours. No discussion. That’s it! Results only can be measured. Against what, is up to whatever judge you appoint or allow to measure it.


    1. This one might require a conversation about the nature of Time. I’m thinking that to call Time a ‘fair-minded metric’ may be a circularity of definition. Time has been called ‘an illusion, a dimension, a smooth-flowing continuum, and an expression of separation among events that occur in the same physical location’. Down the rabbit-hole!


  2. Yea, you have a blog site, I love it. Your words are put together just as I know you to be. Count me in this tribe, please; I am now an aspiring eccentriccontemplative. Long may we thrive!!!.


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